Homemade Granola

I have always been supremely lazy when it comes to breakfast. I know it is an important meal of the day, but apart from being totally useless before I have had 3 cups of tea, I don’t like many cereals. One thing I do enjoy is granola. It’s scrummy! However shop bought granola will normally contain a few ingredients that I do not particularly like (I am especially fussy about nuts). So I decided to make my own, as you do!
Out of interest I have done a comparison of the cost and nutritional information for my granola compared to 2 well-known brands (per 45g serving).

Brand Kcals Protein Fat Carbs Fibre Cost per serving
Mine 198 4.1 8 26.2 3.1 46p
Jordan’s 197 4.9 6.5 28.4 2.8 30p
Kellogg’s 215 3.1 9.5 28 2.1 35p

I don’t think I fared too badly. Yes I am more expensive, but to be fair I haven’t exactly shopped around for the best buys when it comes to the individual ingredients, and I know I could save more money if I bought in bulk. The cost isn’t really why I chose to do it myself, its far more about knowing exactly what is in the food and why. Just look at the ingredients lists on the brand boxes, it speaks for itself really. Besides, my 4th foodie challenge (see my about page) is not buying something if I can make it myself, and therein lies the point!

This recipe is adapted from the book ‘Gifts From The Kitchen’ by Annie Rigg, available on amazon…. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gifts-Kitchen-Irresistible-Homemade-Presents/dp/1856269388/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1423498261&sr=1-1&keywords=gifts+from+the+kitchen

I make it very close to her actual recipe for the hubby, but as I don’t like half the ingredients I have adapted it quite a lot to suit me.

Homemade Granola

Firstly gather up your ingredients. I am using from top left to bottom right, Dried apricots, oats, dried cranberries, bran, honey, chopped cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower oil.


Throw all the dry ingredients into a large bowl and mix together


Pop the honey and oil into a pan and warm gently until the honey is very runny – do not boil, then pour onto your dry ingredients

IMG_0114 IMG_0118

Mix well and divide between 2 large lined baking sheets

IMG_0120 IMG_0123

Pop in the oven on 160c (fan) for 5 minutes. This step gives you time to make a cuppa, although today Maisie wasn’t interested in quality time, as she was too busy sulking under her blanket following her bath this morning!

IMG_0127 IMG_0125

After 5 mins take the pans out and mix the granola up. This stops it burning at the edges and ensures you get a good even bake. Put it back in the oven for another 4 mins, mix, 3 mins, mix, 3 mins, or until it is golden brown. That was it for me but as all ovens differ you need to judge when it’s ready. If you feel you are getting close do 2 minute intervals as it catches quickly and over baked granola is not filling friendly (as my dentist and I could prove if we needed to!)

IMG_0126 IMG_0128  IMG_0129

That’s it, easy peasy, and so easy to adapt to your own personal taste and in my humble opinion, and for that matter the hubby’s far far better than anything shop bought. For the full recipe of my version see below. For the original recipe you will need to buy Annie Rigg’s book 🙂


Final point to note, there are obviously no preservatives in this, yet it keeps exceptionally well in an air tight container.  I make twice the quantity for the hubby and with all his travelling it lasts for months.

Ok that is it for this week.  Next week I am tackling Mary Berry’s Cannoli Cake Recipe for Bake Club!

Homemade Granola
200g Oats
25g Sesame Seeds
100g Sunflower seeds
100g Cashew Nuts
150g Dried Apricot
20g Wheat Bran
175g Clear Honey
30ml Sunflower Oil

Mix all the dried ingredients together
Warm the honey and oil until the honey is very runny, do not boil
Pour the honey and oil into the dried ingredients and mix well
Divide between 2 lined baking sheets and bake on 160c fan for about 15 minutes,
or until golden brown.  Mix well at regular intervals to prevent it burning at the edges.

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