Hi there, and welcome to Mama Raptor’s Kitchen. The name ‘Mama Raptor’ was coined by my daughter who blogs as ‘Diet Raptor’, and I rather took a shine to it. Join me on my mission to tackle a number of foodie challenges that I face.

To give you a little background, I am a wife, mother, ex-IT professional and now a hopeful freelance writer! I enjoy my family, my dog, travelling, writing and cooking. Having given up full time work I now have the opportunity to improve my cooking and baking skills and this blog will allow me to not only share my experiences, good and bad, but also to practice my writing .

My foodie challenges:

1 – Feeding a hubby who is into power lifting, building bulk and muscle, whilst actually trying to lose weight myself! This is further complicated by his desire to have a high protein low carb diet, whilst I have an exceptionally sweet tooth.

2 – A family member who is allergic to refined sugars.  I am learning to replace refined sugars in baking and cooking whilst trying to retain the integrity of the dish! Trust me, replacing white sugar with runny honey is not always a good idea!

3 – Two family members who can’t tolerate dairy and a friend who can’t tolerate gluten. We love meals with friends and family so I am learning to find and adapt recipes that will suit everyone at the table.

4 – I have discovered that I have no desire to buy anything that I can actually make myself. This started when I realised that so many of the convenience foods I was buying were loaded with sugar or chemical sounding ingredients that I could not pronounce.

5 – Bake club challenges. When the children left home I ran out of good reasons to bake cakes, so I started up a bake club. Now each month I get the chance to bake something I haven’t done before and take along to the club for other members to sample.

6 – I like to try out new recipes regularly and if needs be try and adapt them to be a little healthier. This has the added benefit of justifying to the hubby my ever growing collection of cookery books (I currently have 111, and a huge wish list of ones to add).

7 – No waste!  I hate waste! Nothing gets thrown away unless it is no longer safe to eat!

With all this in mind I have decided to blog my efforts, successful or otherwise to meet the above challenges. I wont try and tackle them all at once, but each month I will attack one of them and let you know how I get on. I warn you, I am not a brilliant cook or baker, haphazard is a more accurate description, but I do enjoy myself and hopefully some of it will be of use to you!

Best Regards

Claire, aka Mama Raptor


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